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 Cerberus Quest !!

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Cerberus Quest !! Empty
PostSubject: Cerberus Quest !!   Cerberus Quest !! Icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2007 9:56 pm

Level: 19 Cerberus 1

Repeat: 1

Starting NPC: Sunset Witch


Kill Small Ladon for 20 bloody crystals and back to her

Rewards: 11,400 exp, 2,500 sxp

Required Quest: LV 18 "Hunting Seirenes"


Level: 19 Cerberus 2

Repeat: 1

Starting NPC: Sunset Witch


Kill Selene's Lion for 40 Mane of Darkness and back to her

Rewards: 60,000 exp, 13,400 sxp

Required Quest: LV 19 "Cerberus 1"


Level: 20 Cerberus 3

Repeat: 1

Starting NPC: Sunset Witch


Call out Cerberus of Hell and defeat it

Tips: After abandoning, you cannot try the quest again.

It's a Timeout Quest. You can get 1 quest undertaking item 1 a day.
Scroll of Reversed Return and Guild Member Recall are not allowed.

1) Only available for a party with Distributing Experience Point / Automatic Item Distribution are enabled.

2) A player who is undertaking Cerberus 3 quest can teleport to
another place with another player who has already completed Cerberus 3

3) Summons from Hell is allowed only to the leader of the party.

4) Even if you are dead, defeating Cerberus will complete the quest.

5) If trade or transportation method is summoned, you cannot teleport.

Rewards: 28,300 exp, Clamor of Peace(Damage +20% Damage absorption +20% for 2 hours)

Required Quest: LV 19 "Cerberus 2"
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Cerberus Quest !!
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